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Getting Started


The Allfeat documentation serves as the central source of truth for Allfeat. It is a community-focused initiative led by Allfeat Labs to keep an up-to-date resource on the best information for learning, building, and maintaining on Allfeat. The documentation has three main sections: Learn (for learners), Build (for people that want to build on Allfeat), and Maintain (for people that want to maintain the network).

What is Allfeat?

Allfeat is the first blockchain dedicated to the music industry.

Allfeat enables interoperability by allowing specialized music related projects to communicate with each other in a secure, decentralized and trust-free environment.

Allfeat is built to connect and secure all music projects. It enables a music industry where independent applications can exchange information under common security guarantees.

Allfeat is a living network with the core pillars of governance and upgradability. The network has an advanced suite of governance, music-oriented tools and, using the WebAssembly standard as a "meta-protocol", can autonomously deploy network upgrades. Allfeat adapts to your growing needs without the risks of network forks.


If you haven't heard of Governance before, a great place to start is the Governance page

Users control their data and are not limited by trust bounds within the network.

Why Allfeat?

The goal of Allfeat is to help the music industry to live in a single place, where users control their own data and identity in a trust-free environment. The Web3 movement aims to remove intermediaries and build trustless infrastructure.

How does Allfeat Work?

Allfeat work as the core of the decentralized music world, where application creators can develop and attach their projects on the network.

These applications are created as what we call a "smart-contracts" that will be able to be incorporate to the network.

The Allfeat network enable the bridge between all of these smart-contracts through core modules and make it easy for developers to communicate with the other applications also attached to the network.

Why should you use Allfeat?

From being an artist, or whether you're an actor involved into the music industry and that you want to develop your business in a Web3 ecosystem, Allfeat should be the way to go.

This documentation offers a place for builders, maintainers, or anyone who want to join the Allfeat's community to utilize tools and for brand-new learners to dive into educational material.

Where to start learning?

For brand-new learners of Blockchain technology:

  • The Blockchain Fundamentals MOOC course is a great introduction to start familiarizing yourself with blockchain concepts such as cryptography and networks, and how these play into things like decentralization and cryptocurrency.

This is recommended for users with backgrounds of all levels, and the course is free!

Brand-New Allfeat learners:

  • Allfeat's light paper is a visual and easy to read introduction into its decentralized technology. This paper dives into the components of Allfeat but should be understandable for both a non-technical and technical reader.